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Aon Mergers & Acquisitions Solutions

Aon M&A Solutions is a leading provider of insurance, risk management and human resource due diligence services to the international M&A community.

With global reach and local expertise, Aon's M&A Solutions team will work you with you before, during and after a transaction to help you sign and complete the deal, insure deal risks and achieve your cost and revenue goals.

Aon M&A Solutions provides tailored insurance programs designed to facilitate and support M&A transactions including Warranty & Indemnity, Tax Liability, Environmental, Litigation and Contingent Liability Insurances. We also provide insurance due diligence services, placement of general insurances and, with Aon Hewitt, human resource due diligence and integration services in the context of M&A transactions.

Transaction Liability Insurance 

Aon M&A Solutions provides bespoke insurance solutions designed to facilitate and support M&A transactions including Warranty & Indemnity Insurance, Tax Liability Insurance, Litigation Insurance, Contingent Liability Insurance and Public Offering of Securities/IPO Insurance.

Warranty & Indemnity Insurance
W&I Insurance facilitates the successful completion of transactions by effectively removing from the negotiating table the contentious issue of the allocation of liability for post-completion warranty and indemnity claims.
Tax Liability Insurance
The uncertainty surrounding identified tax issues can be an obstacle to strategic planning and getting an M&A deal across the line. Tax Liability Insurance can remove a specific tax concern from a transaction that might otherwise be a deal breaker. Tax Liability Insurance effectively transfers the risk of an identified tax issue from the taxpayer to the insurer, providing certainty to the parties involved.

Insurance Due Diligence Services 

Specialised insurance due diligence is a vital component in any effective M&A due diligence process. It can identify potential future risks and analyse the effectiveness of existing insurance solutions, allowing potential liabilities to be identified, quantified and if necessary, transferred.

  Project Finance Insurance Due Diligence Services 
Aon M&A Solutions offers specialist risk advisory services designed to assist debt or equity investors in connection with their investments in both new projects and existing businesses.
  Public Private Partnership (PPP) / Private Finance Initiative (PFI) Insurance Due Diligence Services
Aon M&A Solutions offers specialist risk advisory services designed for the benefit of either the public sector sponsor or a private sector respondent.

Environmental Liability Insurance 

Aon M&A Solutions offers specialist insurance products and risk advisory services designed to help buyers and sellers manage environmental risks in M&A transactions.

Human Resource M&A Solutions 

Aon M&A Solutions helps you understand and manage the costs and risks of your workforce and its leadership, which facilitates a successful deal completion and ongoing business improvement.

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