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Cyber Risks

Australia's increasing reliance on networks, cloud technology and computing systems is exposing many organisations to new and emerging threats. Changes to privacy laws, social media and heightened media attention towards breaches have also increased the importance on effective network, data security and privacy systems, and insurance coverage to match.

A significant data breach to your organisation can be financially crippling in first and third party costs, whilst having a damaging effect on your brand and reputation. Ranging from business interruption and legal costs, to customer notification expenses and damage to data – organisations can no longer afford to ignore cyber threats.

In this increasingly punitive and regulatory environment, forward-thinking companies are taking proactive steps to identifying their cyber risk exposure and exploring risk transfer and mitigation strategies.

By working closely with organisations to understand the unique risks they face, our cyber risk experts will develop a tailored risk management program to mitigate exposures and enhance your cyber insurance coverage to ensure you are appropriately protected.

Aon's Cyber Risk Diagnostic Tool

Aon has developed a tool to help you identify your cyber risk exposures – Cyber Risk Diagnostic. This short, free resource which will provide a high-level understanding of the risks facing your organisation.


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