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Our People

In Australia, we have a comprehensive learning and development framework to address the needs of all employees at all levels in their career. Our framework includes a broad range of activities such as mentoring, internal training courses, informational seminars and more.

In particular, we offer two programs targeted towards employees that are excelling in their careers. One is an accelerated development program for non-management employees at the early stages of their career. The program recognises that the development needs of employees at this career stage are different to those at more senior levels. There is also a leadership development program for mid-level leaders. Both programs have been designed to help participants learn new skills, improve existing skills, acquire knowledge, and assist in developing leadership capabilities.

Mentoring is also a great development activity that anyone can get involved in throughout their career at Aon. It gives people an opportunity to share their professional skills and experiences and to grow and develop in the process.

We also support the pursuit of external qualifications through further study. Aon’s Study Assistance Benefit can help pay for tuition and books if you're studying for a qualification relevant to your role. At Aon, your future is full of possibilities for growth and career development.

WIN Australia

WIN is a networking group established by Aon to promote development of Aon’s diverse talent pool. WIN is a global Aon initiative, of which we are the Australian chapter.

WIN promotes diversity and inclusion by connecting networks, advocating people development and influencing positive change. Although primarily focused on building Aon’s global community of talented women professionals, we encourage both men and women to participate. WIN drives projects and initiatives to promote Aon as an employer of choice for high quality talent by enhancing our ability to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce.

We believe this is key to improving business productivity, innovation and engagement.