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Underground Service Locators Insurance

Aon is a specialist provider of Underground Service Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity insurance. We also provide Utility Company Insurance.  With the increased recognition of risk in the location of underground services such as those provided by major utility companies it is even more important to manage this risk. While there are schemes available to the industry we are a credible alternative providing tailored quality products and services to the industry.

Professional Indemnity

With ongoing urban development it is easy to make a mistake and have a claim brought against you. You could end up paying with your business, personal assets and your reputation. Aon’s professional indemnity insurance enables you to defend such claims and protect your assets and your professional reputation.

Public Liability

Through our experience with Underground Service Locators we have been able to identify and meet their needs through a tailored Public and Products Liability solution to respond to claims made against you for injury or property damage.

Office insurance

Many Underground Service Locators don’t operate from a permanent office but for those that do, have you considered insurance to protect your office premises? Whether you operate as a sole trader or a large operation, Aon has a broad range of general and tailored office insurance for you.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

We provide a full range of cover options from basic third party insurance up to comprehensive cover, whether your car is your only vehicle or you operate a large fleet, we have an insurance solution that will fit your needs.

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