Transaction Liability Insurance

Aon M&A and Transaction Solutions provides bespoke insurance solutions designed to facilitate and support M&A transactions including Warranty & Indemnity Insurance, Tax Liability Insurance, Environmental Insurance, Litigation Insurance, Contingent Liability Insurance and Public Offering of Securities/IPO Insurance.


Benefits of Transaction Liability Insurance

  • De-risks transactions by transferring deal risk to the insurance markets.
  • Bridges divergences in risk assessment between buyer and seller by capping exposures to both unknown and known liabilities (including tax and environmental risk).
  • Enables a clean exit and expedited returns to investors.
  • Allows distressed or dissolving sellers to sell a business.
  • Protects passive sellers exiting from an investment. 
  • Eliminates tax risks relating to the structuring of an M&A deal.

Transaction Liability Insurance Services

Aon's specialist M&A insurance advisers to:

  • Structure bespoke transaction liability insurance solutions to capture the benefits detailed above.
  • Tailor coverage to specific particulars and needs of your transaction.
  • Develop loss mitigation strategies and solutions to cap known liabilities.
  • Evaluate liabilities, indemnification obligations and other issues associated with acquisitions and divestitures to address potential liabilities.


Aon Transaction Liability Insurance Experts

Sam Thomas
Head of M&A and Transaction Solutions


Anita Vivekananda
Client Director


Laurence Heselden
Client Director


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