HR M&A and Transaction Solutions

Everyone is different and no two workforces are the same. Wages typically represent 20-50% of revenue depending on industry, so productivity during and after an acquisition is a key indicator of the overall deal success.  Aon M&A and Transaction Solutions acts as your deal partner to identify and manage people risks so that the deal completes on time and meets your cost and revenue improvement targets.

HR Due Diligence and Integration Benefits

  • Provides visibility into employment-related liabilities, ongoing costs and compliance with labour laws, allowing you to negotiate price adjustments, obtain warranties or indemnities, or adjust your ROI expectations.
  • Provides insight into alignment of HR policies and programs with design and delivery best practices, allowing you to streamline, simplify or consolidate programs and vendors.
  • Ensures improved retention of key management and staff post transaction.
  • Enables you to understand workforce motivational drivers, so that actions focus on those having maximum productivity impact.
  • Identifies people-related challenges at an early stage, so as to be able to put out fires before they spread.
  • Facilitates transactions by having access to additional resources and expertise to get deal over the line.

HR Due Diligence and Integration Services

Aon specialist M&A advisers:

  • Conduct due diligence on people-related liabilities and costs, with quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • Assess people-related integration obstacles and opportunities, with timeline and resource planning.
  • Undertake culture assessment, key talent assessment and employee engagement diagnostic services.
  • Perform remuneration benchmarking and program design, including executive remuneration.
  • Perform analysis and recommendations on employee HR policies and programs, including retirement promises, superannuation, workers compensation and occupational health & safety, group risk benefits, long service leave and change-in-control obligations.
  • Provide transaction management support, including project plans and hands-on HR expertise.

HR M&A and Transaction Solutions Expert

Simon Kennedy
Managing Director – People Solutions


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