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Risk Solutions

Specialisation is what we do to enhance and add value to your business. By providing you with the right solutions we can make your business more profitable, secure and help you to do business in a better way.

Aon has combined our specialised industry, risk and insurance experts into several focused practice groups. Their high-level business understanding, technical strength and insurance market influence provides Aon with the ability to identify, insure, and manage your risks in partnership with your own specialists.

Crisis Management

Delivering global expertise and local excellence, Aon partners with organisations that have resources, assets and investments exposed to extraordinary risks. We help clients understand and quantify their complex crisis exposure so that they can make informed decisions on how to best mitigate and manage their risks.

Our unique, consultative approach enables organisations to implement a holistic crisis management plan to meet their duty of care whilst better protecting their balance sheet, people, brand and reputation.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

In an increasingly litigious world, your company’s officers and board of directors are personally at risk to incur financially crippling lawsuits, making it difficult to attract top-tier talent. These vulnerabilities to risk may arise from the very qualities - initiative, vision, and business strategy – for which you hired them.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

All professional advisers could suffer financial consequences as a result of their mistakes or negligent advice to clients. Professional indemnity insurance is liability insurance that protects businesses and individuals in the event of a client claiming to have suffered a loss as a result of negligence.

Enterprise Risk Management

With Standard & Poor’s in the process of adding Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) assessments to their credit scores, and other agencies likely to follow, organizations look to Enterprise Risk Management programs to help achieve business goals. Working with Aon’s team of Enterprise Risk Management solutions experts helps your organization make the most of opportunities that implementing ERM represents.

Environmental Risk

All organisations are subject to the costs and liabilities of environmental exposures, even those that are not directly involved with hazardous materials. Risk managers in virtually every industry must proactively analyse environmental risk issues to determine vulnerabilities.

The Environmental Services Group at Aon is completely focussed on providing advice around environmental exposures and the placement of insurance in relation to pollution and contamination risks.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Aon M&A Solutions is a leading provider of insurance, risk management and employee benefits due diligence services to the international M&A community.

With more than 160 specialists in 23 key financial centres around the world, the Aon M&A Insurance and Risk Management Solutions team is able to draw on the extensive resources of the wider Aon group to deliver qualitative and quantitative advice to assist with M&A transaction valuation and structuring pre-completion, and balance sheet protection post completion.

Aon M&A Insurance and Risk Management Solutions provides tailor-made risk management and insurance broking solutions to meet the risks inherent in M&A transactions, enabling potential liabilities to be ring-fenced and to facilitate the swift delivery of the transaction to completion.

Cyber Risks

Australia's increasing reliance on networks, cloud technology and computing systems is exposing many organisations to new and emerging threats. Changes to privacy laws, social media and heightened media attention towards breaches have also increased the importance on effective network, data security and privacy systems, and insurance coverage to match.

OHS Liability Insurance

New Occupational Health Safety (OHS) Harmonisation legislation will come into effect across Australia in 2012. There will be significant changes to the regulation of workplace safety in Australia, with harsher penalties and significantly increased fines. This will mean greater risk exposure for all those involved who do not meet the new requirements of the OHS legislation.

Trade Credit Insurance

Aon Trade Credit’s broking services helps businesses grow with confidence. We can facilitate trade, protect your profit and enhance your funding opportunities. We can provide an insurance solution in the event of bad debt losses, protecting your profit by providing rapid replenishment of cash in the event of the untimely insolvency of a customer. We can also provide your business with funding alternatives and tailored insurance programs.

Healthcare Institutions

Employers are under increasing pressure and scrutiny to control employee benefit costs, effectively communicate benefit features and ensure legislative and regulatory compliance - whilst offering competitive benefits that engage and retain their employees.

To address the specific needs of health clients, Aon has established a Health Practice Group. This group consists of industry specialists whose experience and expertise enable us to provide tailored and innovative solutions to the Australian healthcare industry.

Healthcare Professionals

Aon helps thousands of Australian healthcare providers with arranging professional insurance programs such as medical malpractice insurance to meet their unique healthcare professional needs.

Aon have long served the business insurance needs of healthcare professionals. We are the insurance broker of choice for a range of professional associations ranging from the Australian Association of Massage Therapists to the Australian Psychological Society.

Japan Insurance Services

Japan Insurance Services (JIS) was established in 1987 as a specialist to handle Japanese business in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. JIS is recognised as a preferred supplier of business by the Japanese Insurance market, largely due to the volume of business processed and the high quality of its clients. This position as a preferred supplier means that it obtains extremely competitive terms on behalf of its clients.

North Asia Insurance Services

Aon’s North Asia Insurance Services (NAIS) practice group delivers risk consulting, insurance brokerage and related services for businesses operating in the North Asia region.

Through the North Asia Insurance Services team, clients can access a wide range of consultants and specialists based in Australia who have extensive knowledge of Australia’s and Asia’s insurance and business environment.

Private Client Insurance

Aon Private Clients is a specialist area dedicated to providing personal insurance solutions and services to high net worth families and individuals.

We work with you in a one-to-one relationship treating each risk exclusively and each client as an individual. We offer the highest standard of care and confidentiality, your details are kept secure and privacy protocols ensure your private information is secure from general internal business systems.

Valuation Services

Aon Valuation Services boasts one of the largest and most experienced teams of non-contract valuers in the Asia Pacific Region. Located across Australia, all of our senior team have between 10 and 30 years working in the industry at the highest level. Further, access to our worldwide valuation and engineering resources provide extensive benchmarking data for all types of assets.

Parametric Insurance

Now more than ever, there is a need for risk management solutions which look to address the protection gaps within traditional insurance policies. As the world begins to evolve, so do our policies and risk transfer solutions. Parametric Insurance policies are an increasingly popular risk management solution which allow for risks to be transferred or financed in non-traditional ways.

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