Enterprise Risk Management

The risks facing organisations today are increasing in complexity, scope, frequency and magnitude. Enterprise risk management (ERM) supports risk-based decision making and strategy development by actively identifying and assessing major risks and opportunities on a cross-functional basis.


Aon collaborates with clients to design and implement practical ERM frameworks that leverage existing client capabilities and “fit” each organisation’s culture, management practices and governance structure.

Aon’s approach is designed to deliver sustainable ERM solutions. Whether just beginning an ERM program or seeking to evaluate an established, robust ERM program, Aon can help deliver results that exceed client needs and expectations. We work directly with corporate officers, the Board and/or executive leadership on a variety of ERM projects for both the public and private sectors. These projects constitute or are some combination of the following offerings:

  • Evaluate capabilities & develop ERM implementation strategy (framework review)
  • Develop enterprise-level risk profile & ERM tools (risk identification and assessment)
  • Develop tools to support advanced risk analysis techniques (“deep dive”)
  • Provide ongoing guidance and support (education and coaching)

ERM Framework and Governance Review & Strategy Development

The ERM Framework and Governance Review & Strategy Development project is designed to help mid-market to Fortune 500 organisations identify weaknesses in their risk management practices and processes and provide an implementation strategy for success. Leveraging Aon’s award-winning Risk Maturity Index, the project will benchmark the organisation against industry peers and identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

Enterprise Risk Identification & Assessment 

The Enterprise Risk Identification & Assessment project is designed to help organisations of all sizes identify and assess critical enterprise level risks. The project is designed to leverage survey and interview data in the creation of an organisation wide risk register for assessment in a workshop setting. This work can be undertaken across a variety of contexts including strategic, operational and topic specific.

Enterprise Risk "Deep Dive" 

The Enterprise Risk “Deep Dive” project is designed to assist organisations in determining the optimal response plan to the risks identified and assessed in the Risk Identification and Assessment project. Typically following a risk mitigation path, organisations are provided a deeper analysis of the key drivers affecting the risk and analysis to document and map risk mitigation activities.

Ongoing ERM Coaching & Support

The Ongoing ERM Coaching & Support project is designed to provide organisations with a dedicated resource to any risk management or enterprise risk management concerns that they may have. Typical projects have focused on the integration of enterprise risk management and the strategic plan and the development of enterprise risk committees within an organisation.

Aon takes a unique view of ERM that incorporates risk awareness, risk improvement and risk governance. Contact us today find out how we can help your organisation.

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