Enterprise Risk Management

Market developments over recent times have highlighted that volatility is not just something you associate with interest rates, currency or equity security risk anymore. Change is no longer linear, but exponential, as the life cycles of organisational business models compress.


Enterprise risk management (ERM) now sits firmly on the executive and board agenda. Boards and executive management of companies want a deeper understanding of how risk is being managed across the enterprise and in particular how to manage risk to create the optimal rewards for their shareholders.

Benefits of Enterprise Risk Management

  • Move beyond compliance, transforming risk management into a strategic function that provides value to the business;
  • Delivers an integrated, comprehensive risk management program based on a portfolio view;
  • Employs consistent, organisation-wide processes, methods, reporting and systems with an enterprise risk management framework;
  • Enables the organisation to effectively prioritise its risk management investment.

Aon's ERM consulting services:

  • Aligns risk appetite and business strategy;
  • Reduces operational surprises and losses;
  • Ensures robust and transparent risk management;
  • Strengthens decision-making processes;
  • Embeds risk management in processes and culture across the organisation.

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Risk Consulting Experts

Rob Cusack
Director – Consulting Services
Ashley Grant
Director – Valuations
Dominic Wright
Business Development - Northern Region

Nick Clarke
Business Development - Southern Region

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