Our Community

We have a distinct responsibility to have a sustainable, positive impact on our communities and our colleagues. We go to great lengths to make certain our operations are environmentally friendly and help clients "go green" - while adhering to the most rigorous business conduct standards.

Aon’s community initiatives are underpinned by relationships with local charity partnerships and we strive to support organisations who represent initiatives in education, welfare, healthcare & research, and the environment. We aim to create a meaningful and lasting impact through our community involvement through select relationships with four charity partners.

Beacon  Conservation Volunteers   OzHarvest Black Dog Institute

Our volunteers represent the best of Aon by demonstrating a commitment to service that extends beyond our day-to-day business responsibilities and into our communities. Each year, Aon Australia colleagues volunteer with our local partners in addition to the thousands of hours of service devoted to charitable organisations and educational institutions around the world.

Aon’s annual Empower Results Day for Communities has a significant impact through our volunteer efforts, here is a recent snapshot.

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Aon’s Reflect RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan)


Download a copy of Aon’s Reflect RAP

Aon’s vision is to partner with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities to empower economic and human possibility and to create social impact. We aim to deliver community value through our collective expertise in risk management across all of Aon’s core capabilities.

Reconciliation Australia has endorsed Aon’s Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan and we are looking forward to building mutually beneficial partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

For more information about RAPs and Reconciliation Australia, visit the website:

Aon’s Family Violence Policy

Aon is committed to managing customers who are experiencing family violence with empathy, sensitivity and with the utmost consideration to customer’s security and individual financial circumstances.  We recognise that family violence is a serious and prevalent occurrence in Australian society. We aim to provide customers affected with entitlements to safe, supportive, timely and flexible assistance.


Download a copy of Aon’s Family Violence Policy