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Global Risk Consulting

Today’s organisations need global experts to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the changing market. That’s why our risk assessment experts offer comprehensive, tailored risk assessment and consultancy solutions.

Our specialists guide you through the risk management process by offering a fully integrated range of services, from risk identification and control to risk assessment and risk finance, to help you understand and value the risk you take on in your business.

Aon’s risk consulting solutions


Analytical Services
Understand and quantify the risk you are exposed to, and make informed decisions around financing that risk.

Business Continuity Management
Identify potential threats and the impact they may have on business; develop business continuity plans to prepare for these potential outcomes.

Business Interruption Valuation
Calculate the potential cost of a disruption to your business operations and adequately insure against this exposure.

Captive and Insurance Management
Reap the benefits of creating a captive insurance company to mitigate your organisation’s risk.

Claims Consulting
Ensure that any claims are prepared and submitted accurately and in a timely fashion in order to resume normal business operations.

Enterprise Risk Management
Understand how risk is managed across the whole organisation, to ensure that it is managed to the greatest benefit of shareholders.

Fraud Risk Services
Organisations lose some 5% of revenue to fraud. Prepare for and protect against the possibility of fraudulent activity within your business.

Insurable Risk Profiling
‘Off the shelf’ insurance solutions don’t always meet the needs of organisations – ensure that changes in your organisation’s risk profile feeds into the product design and selection.

Risk Control and Engineering
Minimise the frequency and impact of business losses by taking risk control measures that mitigate the potential cost of a business loss.

Valuation Services
Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business’s assets to make sure they are insured at the right level.

To find out how we help businesses achieve greater clarity around their exposure to risk, contact an Aon specialist today.

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