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Get the facts on your shareholder class action risk

Shareholder class actions have been a significant factor in the rise of the cost of Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance and the availability of coverage, and these class actions remain a critical concern for listed companies.

Aon’s D&O Decoder offers insight on class action exposure to help listed companies navigate the challenging market.

What's your shareholder class action risk? 

Aon’s D&O Decoder provides data and analytics on an organisation’s securities class action exposure and the probability of the event occurring, the nature of their exposure and how their position compares to peers.

The model runs 250,000 simulated class actions based on data sourced from Australian historical class actions and traces the impact to a company’s share price and resulting claims.

Modelling key to getting ahead

The outputs of the model can be used by organisations to help inform the decision-making process with respect to proposed reductions in their insurance programs.

Sophisticated modelling is key to addressing and exposing the level of risk of a shareholder class action, and the impact on availability of D&O insurance.

Data-driven solution

As more and more organisations seek out data and analytics to better understand their class action risk and exposure, Aon’s D&O Decoder brings new insights, illuminating aspects of exposure organisations may not otherwise have known, providing greater surety on shareholder class action risk and resulting financial impact.

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