Aon Human Capital

Advisory, data and risk solutions to help you make better decisions about your people.


Attract, retain and motivate the right people.

Drive organisational effectiveness.

Support the wellbeing of your teams.

Build resilience through risk management.


The long-term success of employees has always been the primary objective of People & Culture executives, and now the strategies put in play are increasingly linked to the commercial success of the business – which is underpinned by good employee experience. Aon’s human capital solutions is a competitive model bringing together high quality, market-leading data, advisory services and risk solutions across key areas of people strategy – talent solutions, health & benefits, wealth and workplace risk.

  • Decisions with a data-edge: Drive informed decisions in your business with high quality, accurate and relevant data.
  • Powered by experts: Leverage our deep understanding of your business, your sector and the competitive landscape.
  • Effectively navigate complexity: Benefit from the full range of our collective expertise and experience across local and global markets.

How can we help you?


Data-backed insights and comprehensive strategies to elevate performance and ensure employees are motivated, engaged, and effectively rewarded.

We benchmark and design benefit packages to meet the unique needs of your workforce, delivering a competitive edge while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Comprehensive retirement, investment, actuarial, and financial well-being services for proactive risk management to optimise the employee offering in an ever-changing landscape.

We partner with you to provide tailored solutions to mitigate your workers’ compensation risks and put in place measures to protect your business and your workers.


Data products to support decision making

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