APAC Benefits Strategy Study 2017

APAC Benefits Strategy Study 2017

We are pleased to launch the findings from our inaugural APAC Benefits Strategy Study

Targeted at HR decision makers, the study aims to understand how organisations in APAC are measuring their return on investment from their benefits expenditure, and identifies how organisations??? benefits strategies and priorities have evolved over time.

The study revealed that the top focus areas for HR professionals are:

  • improving employee engagement and morale
  • aligning with corporate strategy; and
  • exploring new benefits that meet employee needs.

This aligns with the findings and recommendations from the Australian 2016 Employee Insured Benefits Benchmarking Study to ensure you have a well-structured benefits strategy in place now and into the future to ensure relevance and sustainability. Looking into the future, respondents indicated that the top focus areas remain broadly the same, but with increasing importance in areas such as improving employee health and financial wellbeing, and partnering with providers to create innovative solutions.

Download the full report to review the full key findings that will provide you with useful insights on benefits strategy execution within your organisation.

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