2017 Asia Pacific & Japan Cyber Risk Transfer Comparison Report

2017 Asia Pacific & Japan Cyber Risk Transfer Comparison Report

The probability of any particular building burning down is significantly lower than one percent (1%). However, most organisations spend much more on fire-insurance premiums than on cyber insurance despite stating in their publicly disclosed documents that a majority of the organisation’s value is attributed to intangible assets. One recent example is the sale of Yahoo!: Verizon recently reduced the purchase price by $350 million because of the severity of cyber incidents in 2013 and 2014.

This financial-statement quantification study demonstrates that organisations recognise the growing value of technology and data assets relative to historical tangible assets, yet a disconnect remains regarding cost-benefit analysis resource allocation. Particularly, a disproportionate amount is spent on tangible asset insurance protection compared to cyber asset protection based on the respective relative financial statement impact and potential expected losses.

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