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Mental Health First Aid training – (2 day course)


The Mental Health First Aid course teaches you how to provide immediate assistance to colleagues who are affected by mental illness. You will learn how to detect the symptoms, how to guide colleagues towards appropriate support and you will feel much more confident in your ability to have these difficult conversations in the workplace.

What does the course cover?

Program topics:

  • Mental health problems in Australia
  • Mental Health First Aid Action Plan
  • Mental health illnesses including depression, anxiety problems and psychosis and substance use problems
  • Mental health crises or episodes including suicidal thoughts, non-suicidal self-injury, panic attack, traumatic event, severe psychotic state and aggressive behaviour
  • How to guide colleagues to support

Should I attend?

This course is relevant to people from many different roles, managerial levels, company sizes and industries and is also relevant to you in your personal life. The content is especially beneficial for those in:

  • People management roles with direct reports
  • Human Resources or Work Health and Safety
  • Will be complimenting existing ‘physical’ first aid qualifications
  • Have been identified by the organisation to hold a Mental Health First Aider role
  • People whose workplace is currently being affected by mental health issues

What will I gain from the course?

You will be equipped to provide immediate assistance to colleagues or directs reports with mental health issues. You will know if and when you should say something, what you should say and how you can help them and you will feel much more confident in your ability to have these difficult conversations in the workplace.

Why Aon?

  • We include relatable workplace case studies, current issues your business may be experiencing and WHS management system linkages and implications
  • Our trainers are knowledgeable and engaging, and they facilitate activities and discussion in a clear and effective manner

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Date: 12th & 13th August2019
Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Venue: Aon Melbourne - Level 51, 80 Collins Street
Cost: $440 + GST per participant

This training runs over two separate full days

Contact details

Jillian Searant
Client Manager

Emma Beaumont
Mental Health First Aid Administration Assistant