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Health.The Future State. Aon Health Symposium. 14 September 2017.

Insights from the Aon Health Symposium 2017

The 2017 Aon Health Symposium, held in Sydney on 14 September, focused on The Future State of Health, shedding light on the fact that healthcare organisations are facing complex challenges like never before. Industry experts shared their experience and knowledge on issues affecting the healthcare industry such as disruptive technology, patient feedback, social media, workplace mental health, and cyber risk in healthcare presented by VMIA.

Here you can find some of the key insights from the event

Session 1
Introducing the voice of the patient: How two-way dialogue between patients and healthcare providers has the power to drive change

Session 2
Social media: Friend or enemy for brand and reputation management?

Session 3
How can we care for our carers? An early intervention approach to mental health for health professionals

Session 4
Disruptive technology is heralding an era of ‘business as unusual’ for healthcare

Session 5
CASE STUDY: Cyber risk poses real threats for healthcare providers and can compromise patient care




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