Reinsurance Solutions: Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

Medical Professional Liability (MPL) insurers operate in a challenging environment as respects growth, consolidation, innovation, capital management and enterprise risk management. Our Healthcare team has the experience and resources to assist our clients as their trusted business partner in achieving their operational objectives.

Our team of MPL experts bring industry leading insight, analytics and unparalleled access to the global reinsurance market to our clients:

  • Expert treaty reinsurance design and placement
  • Identification of trends in client loss and exposure data to help control risk
  • Market knowledge and industry news, tracking market conditions, competition and new products
  • Access to global reinsurance markets
  • Reinsurer financial information 
  • Facultative reinsurance solutions

We have long-standing relationships with provider owned, specialty and commercial MPL insurers. We serve approximately 20 MPL ceding companies and place more than USD225 million of reinsurance premium with 30 reinsurers in the US, London, Bermuda and Europe.

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