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Public Relations Insurance

While you're busy thinking about your client’s public reputation, Aon is thinking about yours.

Our Public Relations insurance is designed to protect your PR agency by combining Professional Indemnity Insurance with Public Liability Insurance and D&O Liability insurance.

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Aon is a leading provider of insurance to public relations professionals and PR agencies and is the preferred broker of the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA).

Our experienced team have developed insurance products to cater for the specific risks faced by public relations professionals and can provide you with tailored solutions for your individual business needs.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for PR agents

In the constantly changing world of PR it can be easy to make a mistake and when your business is representing others, you need to ensure that you have protection.

Defending yourself from negligence claims will cost you time, money and can damage your firm’s reputation. That's why Aon offers a complete Professional Indemnity Insurance plan to protect you, and your business, by providing cover against such claims including the cost of defending certain legal actions.

Public Liability Insurance for PR agents

In the course of running your business you will need to visit your client’s premises, or have them visit yours and this means there is an intrinsic risk that injury and/or property damage may occur.

No matter how much care you take, these risks are out of your control and any accident that does occur could be taken to court, leaving you in the position of fighting an expensive legal battle.

Aon's Public Liability Insurance provides you with cover for various damages awarded to third parties arising from injury or damage to their property located on your business premises. Our policy also covers legal costs incurred relating to public liability claims made against your business.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance for PR agents

With the increasing emphasis on accountability in today’s business world, company board members are under growing scrutiny from regulators, investors and shareholder groups to comply with regulatory and corporate governance standards.

Aon's Directors and Officers Liability Insurance provides your Executives with protection from financial loss and personal financial loss from wrongful acts conducted in their capacity as corporate officers. It also provides your firm with reimbursement for expenses in successfully defending actions based on negligence, default, breach or duty or breach of trust.

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