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Student Insurance

Accidents are unplanned but your response doesn’t have to be with Aon’s School Student Insurance.

Student Accident Insurance

Aon's student insurance solutions have been specifically created for schools to ensure your students are well looked after. While no one likes to think about student accidents, Aon’s experience in the education sector shows that the majority of school insurance claims are related to injuries to students. Student injuries range from fractured fingers to quadriplegia and the impact can go far beyond the victim and their family but across the entire school community.

With student insurance, your school can respond effectively to an accident by providing funds to assist parents with hospital fees and other expenses related to the accident.

Key features of Aon’s Student Insurance

Aon's Student Accident Protection Plan includes:

  • Higher insurance limits available for students and their families in the event of a disability insurance claim - where monetary relief is needed most 
  • Automatic insurance coverage one term before or after student enrolment 
  • Reimbursement for student counselling costs following the occurrence of a psychologically traumatic event 
  • Insurance reimbursement for burns to 20% or more of a student’s skin area 
  • Reimbursement of non-Medicare expenses incurred more than 12 months after a student accident 
  • Assistance with payment of school fees in the event of parent/guardian accidental death 
  • Broad definition of ‘student’,  automatic student insurance cover for exchange students, childcare, kindergarten and preschool students without the need to notify the insurer or pay an additional premium.

Choose Aon for Student Insurance

Aon's Student Accident Protection is available at three different levels of student accident protection – Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum. For further information or to apply for Aon's Student Insurance, refer to Aon's Student Accident Information Brochure or call our team of experts.

Student Insurance Brochure and Application

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