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Boutique Winery Insurance

These days, boutique wineries across Australia are running increasingly sophisticated operations, and we understand you are facing more complex and unique risks.

Aon's Boutique Winery Insurance is the first of its kind in the Australian market. We know your industry's risks and we’ve arranged a broad package that will respond when you need it most.

Our competitive and comprehensive package consolidates ten individual covers into one program designed to provide protection for the life of traditional family-run wineries. We've negotiated with insurers on your behalf to cover the specific risks with tailored wordings designed for your farm operations. To ensure your wine-making tradition lives on, it's worth checking your current insurance to see how we compare.

Aon's Boutique Vineyard Insurance includes cover for:

  • Non-vintage, Vintage and Museum wines 
  • Spoilage and leakage of wine 
  • Contamination of product 
  • Domestic home and contents 
  • Motor vehicle

Why Aon

An Aon insurance broker can save you time, money and the worry arising from navigating and understanding complex insurance contracts. We have dedicated professionals with years of training and experience required to deliver solutions that protect your risks.

Our wine industry-specific policies can be tailored to cater for your business, enabling you access to additional benefits that may not be included in general policies.

We are local to you, with 30 branches nationwide we are willing to assist when you need it.

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