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Poultry Insurance

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Even if you run the most successful poultry business, things outside of your control can happen with devastating effects on your income. For example, Government authorities could require you to slaughter your stock in an outbreak of Avian Flu or Newcastle disease, or your property, buildings and equipment could be damaged by a fire or storm.

Poultry Farm Insurance Solutions

Rearing poultry is a specialised skill exposing your business to the unique risks that many generic farm insurance policies do not meet.  Aon understands the risks that poultry farmers face every day and we can tailor insurance solutions to address your needs.

Unlike other property style (industrial special risk) policies, our poultry cover offers affordable property insurance that includes cover for chicken sheds containing EPS or sandwich panelling within their construction.

The policy also protects your profits in the event of a loss (such as a storm or fire) that prevents your poultry business from trading.

Avian Flu Insurance and Newcastle Flu Insurance

Optional mortality insurance, to insure your stock against death from outbreaks such as Avian Flu or Newcastle disease, can also be included.

Why Aon

An Aon insurance broker can save you time, money and the worry arising from navigating and understanding complex insurance contracts. We have dedicated professionals with years of training and experience required to deliver solutions that protect your risks.

Our poultry industry-specific policies can be tailored to cater for your business, enabling you access to additional benefits that may not be included in general policies.

We are local to you, with 30 branches nationwide we are willing to assist when you need it.