Risk Management Practices to put your brand on solid ground - Aon Boardroom Series 2010 | Aon Australia

The Aon Boardroom Series 2010

Is your brand on solid ground?

Develop risk management practices to protect and enhance your brand

From 2007 to 2010, brand and reputation has been the utlimate risk concern amongst respondents to Aon’s Australasian Risk Management Benchmarking Survey. Managing your brand and reputation is critical to the success of your business.

So what is Brand and Reputation risk? Attendees at Aon’s 2010 boardroom series heard from a panel of experts who examined both the traditional and emerging risks to your brand and reputation and discussed the risk management tools and strategies available to ensure survival in an environment where communication strategies are constantly evolving.



The Boardroom Series events are intimate high-level discussions that aim to provide executives with the opportunity to voice their opinion and further develop their understanding of the risk issues currently on the corporate radar.

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Aon Boardroom Series 2010 Presentation

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