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The Aon Boardroom Series 2009

Survival of the fittest –

how to de-risk a merger, acquisition or divestment

Aon’s Boardroom series explored how risks and opportunities that arise from industry consolidation can impact businesses.

There was particular focus on the risks associated with merger and acquisitions including:
managing latent tax liability on a transaction balance sheet

  • the risks of representations and warranties
  • human capital risk management during a transition
  • environmental impairment risk and financing
  • protecting yourself as a director after a transaction

Attendees at this event were provided with an in-depth perspective on how these types of risks should be dealt with during a merger, acquisition or divestment, with a guest speaker representation from Blake Dawson, Ernst & Young and Aon.

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The Boardroom Series events are intimate high-level discussions that aim to provide executives with the opportunity to voice their opinion and further develop their understanding of the risk issues currently on the corporate radar.

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Mergers & Acqusitions and
Aon Boardroom Series 2009 Presentation

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