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Public Sector

Aon appreciates that public sector risk profiles are unique to manage in a highly regulated and complex environment where decreasing budgets and resources, new regulations and increased demand for services are forcing risk executives to do more with less. In addition, climate change, technological advances and population growth continue to stretch existing infrastructure changing both the levels and types of risk.

This means that cost effective retention and transfer of risk within a robust governance framework is important for public sector entities. At Aon, we want to empower you to make more informed decisions when reviewing your insurance and risk program. Our Public Sector Practice Group brings together Aon's local and global expertise and markets to help you make choices about:

  • Risk profiling and management services
  • Insurance and reinsurance brokerage
  • Human capital consulting and outsourcing

Local Government
The financial and regulatory landscape of local government is changing, and so is the way in which councils procure their insurance and risk management solutions. Aon's council clients are reducing insurance costs and freeing-up valuable funds for the benefit of their communities by accessing Aon's independent advice, tailoring insurance program requirements to their individual needs and tendering to leverage competitive premiums within the insurance market.

With over 30 years' experience in the local government sector, Aon is helping councils to achieve this value for their community through:

  • Value - we create competition by accessing a broad range of insurers, and provide you with an insurance program that is tailored to the needs, risk profile, coverage scope and requirements of Council.
  • Advocacy - we champion Council's needs to insurers and are focused on creating the best outcomes for Council.
  • Choice - we provide clear and comparable options which will inform your decision making around the best value for Council.
  • Transparency - with open and transparent competition, we deliver compliant and sustainable solutions over multiple years.

Aon only uses commercial insurers in a competitive market who are committed to the sector and are willing to offer long-term policies that offer councils greater pricing and budget certainty. Councils can also have confidence in the financial stability and governance backing our insurers, as insurance cover is only provided by insurers that are APRA regulated and S&P rated.

Visit Aon's thought provoking platform, Connect, for Local Government related thought leadership publications, risk insights and case studies.


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