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Cyber Risk

The Impact of Automation on Cyber Risk
Cyber Risk | November 2018
In the era of rising automation across just about every sector of the economy, enterprises must revisit their risk register and review it through an automation lens.

Cyber Insurance Market Insights – Q3 2018
Cyber Risk | September 2018
Your source of cyber insurance market trends and analysis for Q3 2018.

Clock ticks toward data breach notification; six steps to take right now
Cyber Risk | November 2017
With the changes to the privacy law coming into effect in February 2018, we examine the implications for organisations and outline 6 steps you can take right now to prepare.

Cyber incident response planning – the critical components
Cyber Risk | September 2017
To protect brand and reputation and to contain the impact of business interruptions, organisations of all sizes, in every sector need a well-crafted and regularly tested incident response plan. This article examines the critical components of an incident response plan and what your organisation needs to do to prepare.

Global Cyber Market Overview – Uncovering the Hidden Opportunities
Cyber Risk | July 2017
In our latest Aon Inpoint paper, we explore how the cyber insurance market has evolved in recent years and examine the market growth, insurer offerings, customer needs, the reinsurance market and growth opportunities.

Enterprise internet of things – balancing the value versus vulnerability equation
Cyber Risk | July 2017
The amount of “things” connected to the internet within organisations is growing rapidly and while it brings great opportunity, it also opens up organisations to increased risk. This article discusses the need to balance the value versus vulnerability and the importance of securing your organisation’s IOT network.

Global cyber-attack Petya
Cyber Risk | June 2017
Petya is the latest cyber-attack to sweep the globe and has impacted many Australian organisations. We look at the similarities and differences to the recent WannaCry attack and how organisations can protect themselves.

2017 Asia Pacific & Japan Cyber Risk Transfer Comparison Report
Cyber Risk | June 2017
This report compares the insurance protection of tangible versus intangible assets within the Asia Pacific region. How do cyber asset potential losses compare to the potential losses from tangible assets, from perils such as fire and weather?

The new world order of cyber threats
Cyber Risk | May 2017
With cyber risk on the rise, and business interruption a growing concern, we explore in detail the so-called WannaCry and Adylkuzz incidents and provide guidance on how organisations can better prepare for the future.

Are you ready for the new Australian data protection regulations?
Cyber Risk | February 2017
On 13 February 2017, the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 passed, and is set to come into effect within a year.

Cyber risk: securing your success
Cyber Risk | September 2016
Cyber security is becoming part of the national conversation. It is a conversation initiated by a rash of attacks on public and private computing infrastructure, propelled by the Federal Government's cyber security strategy released in early 2016, and amplified by the high profile Census debacle.

Digital transformation and the impact of insurance
Cyber Risk | September 2016
Once an organisation has deployed robust technology defences, educated staff about the risks of cyber- attack, and promoted policies about how to react and respond to cyber events - it has laid important foundations for its protection.

Assessing the technology/insurance inflexion point
Cyber Risk | September 2016
Technology and education are the first frontier of data protection and cyber security. Investing in a spread of security technologies such as firewalls, encryption, system monitoring, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing along with effective employee education programmes to ensure staff understand how to avoid spear phishing or ransomware attacks are all essential for any organisation.

The global threat environment
Cyber Risk | September 2016
There are no longer any doubts that cyber risk is an immediate and significant issue for enterprises of all scales and in every sector. Left unchecked it can bring corporations and countries to their knees.

Legal influences on the cyber risk landscape
Cyber Risk | September 2016
Legislation and regulation often lags technology, and this is particularly evident in the cyber security area where nations continually play catch up.

Cyber Insights Report 2016 – Australia
Cyber Risk | September 2016
We live in an era of widespread and continual digital transformation. No industry sector is untouched as computers and the internet are harnessed to boost organisation efficiency and nurture more intimate relationships with global consumers.

Cyber, the fast moving target
Cyber Risk | June 2016
2016 Benchmarking views and attitudes by industry.

Coping with Cyber Risk - Engineering enterprise resilience
Cyber Risk | April 2016
Canute was a wise king who knew he could not stop the tides; wise corporate leaders understand they cannot prevent cyber breaches - but they can establish processes and culture that can swiftly respond to attacks, underpinning enterprise resilience.