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How safe is your food and beverage business?
Aon Risk Solutions | November 2018
Recent food supply crises has delivered a signal warning about the relative fragility of Australia’s food supply chain, and the serious implications that a food safety issue can have for business.

Who cares for the carers
Aon Risk Solutions | November 2018
It is critical that as an industry, the health and wellbeing of healthcare providers is a top priority, so they can perform at their best. As a result, they can continue making a positive impact on the patients they care for.

Aon Best Employer Insights 2018
Talent, Reward and Performance | July 2018
Aon Best Employers enjoy sales growth that is six times higher than that of their counterparts, and staff turnover rates that are 33% lower.

Mitigating the risk of PFAS; a universal responsibility
Aon Risk Solutions | June 2018
The environmental and human health impacts from exposure to per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances - known as PFAS chemicals - are a mounting concern in Australia and worldwide.

How would your business survive a natural catastrophe?
Aon Risk Solutions | February 2018
With just a sideways glance at the nightly news, you’d be forgiven for assuming that natural catastrophes are occurring at an alarming frequency. Between hurricanes, cyclones, flooding and bushfires, it seems not a day goes by when one part of our world isn’t impacted by a natural disaster.

4 tips to sort out your super
Aon Hewitt | January 2018
Planning for retirement is one of those tasks that often gets pushed to the bottom of our to-do lists. But with a four simple steps, you can sort out your super (and your future self will thank you for it).

Good for growth; effective insurance can minimise risk in mining construction projects
Aon Risk Solutions | December 2017
Increasing commodity demand in lockstep with rising commodity prices, along with historically low interest rates has seen an increase in capital infrastructure projects related to mining across Australia. We look at a whole of project insurance approach to mitigate risks.

Swire Pacific case study: managing risk from a multinational perspective
Aon Risk Solutions | December 2017
A case study of Swire Pacific from Aon’s annual Advanced Risk Conference 2017, outlines how they manage risk as a diverse large multinational organisation.

4 steps to prepare your business for bushfire season
Risk Consulting | December 2017
With bushfires a part of life during the Australian summer, don’t wait until a fire breaks out to take action. Find out how you can prepare your business for bushfire season

Aon Health Symposium 2017: Mental health in the workplace – health professional identified as high risk
Health Symposium | November 2017
At the Aon Health Symposium 2017 the Black Dog Institute addressed the correlation between workplace and mental health issues, with particular focus on health professionals who are identified as being particularly high risk.

Steps to building business confidence in times of uncertainty
Crisis Management | September 2017
One of the most immediate risks for businesses today is simply uncertainty. This article discusses the types of crises that could affect your business and some practical measures you can take to mitigate these risks.

How do I know if a captive is right for my organisation?
Captives | September 2017
Many organisations are aware of captives as an alternative way to finance their risk, however they are unsure whether it is suitable for their business. This article discusses some of the common criteria you can use to assess your suitability, and covers both quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Lessons from the Grenfell Tower tragedy: the need for action
Real Estate | September 2017
London’s tragic Grenfell Tower fire, which claimed 80 lives and wrecked many more, has thrown a series of critical issues into sharp relief for property owners all over the world. Building owners should conduct an audit on properties now to help identify and mitigate any risks.

M&A Insurance: demand and product mature as market and claims volatility accelerates
Mergers and acquisitions | August 2017
There are clear signals that Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) insurance is proving a key deal ally with demand rising steadily over the last 3-5 years. Read our article to learn more about the latest W&I trends and what that means for your organisation.

Caught in the crossfire: how to be better prepared for a brand and reputation crisis
Aon Risk Solutions | July 2017
Brand and reputational risk is the number one risk to business leaders. However, only 51 per cent of business leaders feel they are adequately prepared to deal with it. Learn how to be better prepared for a brand and reputation crisis.

The evolving threat of terrorism to Australian real estate
Aon Risk Solutions | June 2017
There has been an increase in the frequency and the severity of terrorist attacks globally, and particularly in western nations such as ours….In the wake of Orlando, Nice and other terrorist incidents, as well as our own experience... we cannot for a moment be complacent.

Construction sector: Defend against the weather gods!
Weather Risk | April 2017
Tips on how to hedge weather risk to avoid unforeseen delays in your build programme.

Flood mitigation - preparing for the storm
Weather Risk | March 2017
Whether you're operating in the cyclone belt or not, it's important not to slip into a mindset of 'it won't happen to me'. A flood doesn't have to be a 1 in 100 year weather event or a dam inundation - it could be as simple as a stormwater blockage or debris building up in roof gutters. It you don't have a prevention plan in place you start out behind the eight ball.

What is a captive and why do you need one?
Risk Consulting | March 2017
A captive is an insurance company set up by its owners primarily to insure against its own specific risks. Captives are an effective way to take financial control of insurance allocations and manage risks.

Supply chain resilience: Are you ready for 2017?
Political Risk | February 2017
With the growth of "nation-first" political sentiment across Europe and the United States, Karina Rodriguez-Diaz, Head of Crisis Management Aon Risk Solutions, looks at how Australian companies should be re-examining their supply chains, and preparing for the impact of a possible rise in protectionist trade policies.

Understanding your true natural catastrophe exposure
Weather Risk | January 2017
Aon Benfield's recently released '2016 Annual Global Climate and Catastrophe Report' shows that 2016 was the seventh-highest year on record for natural catastrophe economic losses. Peter Cheesman, Head of Analytics for Australia and New Zealand at Aon Benfield, discusses why such losses are expected to continue rising over the coming years, and how climate change is just one of many factors that needs to be considered when evaluating the potential impact of natural catastrophes on your organisation.

Good governance demands organisations know their limits
Risk Consulting | October 2016
A key element of good governance in all organisations is that management and directors maintain a clear-eyed view, not only of the opportunities ahead, but also the risks that surround them.

Enterprise risk rises as Queensland widens environmental protection net
Environmental Services Group | October 2016
When Peter Bond, the former chief executive of Linc Energy, was issued with an Environmental Protection Order (EPO) in May 2016, it signalled the impact Queensland's legislative changes can have long after an event has taken place and an individual has moved on.

Falling commodity prices lead to lower BI insured values
Aon Risk Solutions | September 2016
Across all geographies, mining companies are being challenged by extremely low commodity prices and an abundance of supply. In 2015, the price of all major metals decreased by an average of 15%, with iron ore faring the worst with a 42% decline. While there has been some price volatility in the first half of 2016, it is expected that any price rises will be modest, and that the market will remain depressed due to ongoing global economic uncertainty.