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Aon Infrastructure Solutions (AIS) is dedicated to providing risk advisory on complex infrastructure projects, including public-private partnerships (PPP). PPP is an innovative infrastructure delivery model which facilitates cooperative ventures between the public and private sectors. The increased focus on risk transfer creates greater complexity in the procurement, negotiation, and delivery of projects, creating demand for a risk advisor with expertise with the nuances of PPPs.

The AIS global practice group is a highly integrated team of advisors with wide-ranging expertise including risk management, corporate strategy, law, procurement, public policy, finance, and project management. Our team collaborates with Aon risk specialists on five continents who have worked on over 475 PPP projects over the last 25 years.

AIS provides clients a comprehensive approach to risk education, identification, allocation, and mitigation from the transaction launch to operations and maintenance phases of infrastructure projects.

Advisory Services

Through its comprehensive risk advisory, AIS brings market insight and risk solutions to all phases of a PPP project and ensures stakeholders are well-positioned to deliver assets on-time and on-budget.

  • AIS facilitates PPP risk solutions workshops to educate its clients on the PPP model and PPP-specific risks.
  • AIS helps to assess risk transfer provisions between the public and private sector by providing market intelligence on current commercial terms within project agreements.
  • AIS advises on cost-effective risk solutions, including performance security requirements that assure asset completion and the necessary level of liquidity during the construction phase as well as forward-looking, cost-effective, insurance program requirements.
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