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Risk Maturity Index Frequently Asked Questions

Who should participate in the Index?

The Risk Maturity Index has been developed for risk leaders, financial executives and C-suite professionals to help them gain a greater understanding of their organisation's Enterprise Risk Management capabilities. Questions have been designed to apply across industries and to public and private organisations.

What do I receive for participating in the Risk Maturity Index?

Upon completion of the Index questions, you will receive an immediate Risk Maturity Rating as well as comments designed to offer general guidance for enhancing the organisation’s level of risk maturity. The Ratings and Comments are provided for free. Aon can provide additional benchmarking reports or capabilities diagnostics for a consulting fee. Index participants will also be eligible to receive summary reports on findings from Aon following participation in the Index.

How can I participate in the Risk Maturity Index?

If you are a risk leader, financial executive or C-suite professional within your organisation and are interested in participating, please contact your Aon representative or send a request to

To ensure data integrity, Aon retains the right to qualify and approve submissions. If you qualify, you will receive an invitation email within seven business days.

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